It is always good to follow our advice before you sell, buy, rent, or exchange your car.

Advice for Sellers

  1. Make your address and seller information clear for your buyers and YeneCar website, so you will have a chance to get fast approval and good customer interaction.
  2. Give professional support to your customers. When they ask you anything related to your car ad, give your fast response as soon as possible, so they can give you a good review. Having a good review will increase your popularity on Yene Car.
  3. Do NOT sell your car, if you are NOT ready to sell your car or if you are NOT comfortable on Yene Car or if you feel suspicious activity.
  4. If your car is sold, EDIT your car ad, and set it “SOLD”, otherwise you may get a bad review from buyers, or in case if we receive a sign of suspicious activity report from buyers, we may remove your account and keep deactivated until we investigate the issue.

Advice for Buyers

  1. Before you contact the seller, make sure you are ready to buy your dream car.
  2. Before you buy, make sure if the car is really what you’re looking for.
  3. When you become ready to buy your car, call the seller to meet.
  4. Do NOT meet the seller in an unknown place, or a secret place, because this is a real business and there is NO need to hide in the secret place, otherwise we will NOT take responsibility for any consequences that come. In fact, we try our best to verify our seller’s account, but that doesn’t guarantee your full security. So just be smart and be careful.
  5. If you are buying from a car dealer, set up a meeting time professionally.
  6. It is always recommended to go with an auto mechanic technician for a checkup and other issues.

Advice for Car Rental and Exchange Service

  1. If you are a car rental service provider or looking for exchange, make your car information clear for the person who is looking for your service.
  2. If you are looking for a rental service provider or an exchange, give high priority for an advertisement which has good information.
  3. It is always good to go with an auto mechanic technician, a good friend or relative.